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At the Hope Center, we care about our community in LeRoy and beyond.  Those on our Leadership Team are people of faith and “Love Thy Neighbor” is central to our mission. We offer hope in tangible ways to those who are struggling by creating programs that provide ways to make tomorrow better than yesterday. We encourage you to find out more about us as we seek to involve local churches and organizations in our vision to serve, and all are welcome.

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As a nonprofit, we offer a variety of programs and rely on the support of our community in the form of donations, attendance at our fundraisers, and to fill the need that is most vital to our mission: human resources-our volunteers! It may sound cliché to say that by volunteering, you receive so much more than you give, but it is deeply true! Working shoulder-to-shoulder to make this world a better place is so rewarding! Why do we at the Hope Center volunteer? So we can live our lives more as a gift than a struggle, and because through serving one another, we see the positive impact of hope in the here and now of daily life.
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