Fresh Start Tutoring
Literacy & Math

“And when they had read it, they rejoiced because of its encouragement.” -Acts 15:31ESV

Our program is staffed by a team of volunteers and offered at no charge to students in grades K-6th who are struggling at different levels in math and reading. We offer thirty-minute tutoring appointments each week throughout the school year and work in cooperation with the LeRoy Central School and other districts, to identify those who could use our help. Parents are given a progress report following each session and can be active participants in their child’s education as we share ways in which they can be the primary teacher for their children. Our vision is to expand programming to include students in higher grades and to include adult literacy, as well. These goals are very achievable in keeping with the growth of our family of volunteers! The Hope Center is committed to helping eliminate obstacles to education which in turn provides tangible hope for success in life. If you would like more information about our Fresh Start Tutoring program for your child or have a desire to help educate our next generation, please contact our Program Director, Amy Thompson at

This program is sponsored in part by the United Way of Rochester and the Finger Lakes, the Victor L. and Maudaline L. Blood Charitable Foundation, and Living Waters Church of LeRoy. We are so grateful for the generosity of our supporters!