Our History 

The Hope Center began as an inspired vision of Pastor Jack Hempfling of Living Waters Church. His desire to see men, women, and children reach their own God-given destiny set the groundwork for creating programs that offered hope in areas of struggle. As a community leader, he envisioned a ministry separate from any one church, that would extend faith and love to the community and region.

In 2016, the Hope Center of LeRoy was founded and became a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) faith-based organization with its own Board of Directors. Rev. Henry Moore of Living Waters Church and his wife, Valerie, were recognized for their love and passion for outreach ministries. When Henry was appointed as the Director of the Hope Center, they served together, creating many programs within the community.

As the Hope Center moves forward following post-pandemic changes to its programming, there is new growth! Under the leadership of Diane Sia, there are currently four community programs that take place within its walls, with potential for more. The Hope Center is a place of faith & love, and because of both, it is a place for those who have a heart to serve. Churches, organizations, and individuals are welcome to contact the Hope Center to share ideas for programs that coincide with our mission statement. We occupy a beautiful, historic building in a prime location and want to serve alongside those who have a desire to provide spiritual, material, and hands-on support, and bring hope to the community, one life at a time.